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Nitelite Tables. We are currently offering our 2016 Summer Seasonal table with base, Game table where you pick your two college sports colors and Our American Flag table with an option to add the state of your choice on the bottom shelf. Nitelite tables come with LED lights and remote control. Our 2016 Fall Seasonal table is almost complete. Once it's complete we will show case it including it's hidden images and at that time will be accepting orders for that table.


Vanities with a TWIST!


Last month we had a family member come to us and ask us to replace one of their bathroom vanities. We had already been working on a new line for our vanities but this gave us the opportunity to take our creative juices off of paper and put it on our surfaces! The vanity is almost complete and well frankly it's AWESOME! Because this vanity was done for a family member it's not for resale but the enhancements are available on any vanity size and color of your choosing. Say "Goodbye" to your boring vanity and "Hello" to your bathroom Artwork! It's mind blowing!!! Don't believe us? We'll be adding a picture and a video yes a VIDEO of our newest vanity in the next week!



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