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Sedonite Stone is completely manufactured in the USA; we use only American suppliers. We offer a quartz and recycled glass surfacing product that no other engineered surfacing company can in the industry. Ideal for both commercial and residential projects. Sedonite Stone can make your surfacing needs and dreams come true. 

Eight reasons to consider Sedonite Stone for your interior design and surfacing needs...

1.)    Our raw material is an excellent grade of quartz and recycled glass. We use the same raw material the big guys use.

2.)    Almost 90% of our product comes from sourced material less than a 3 hour drive from our facility.

3.)    We can tweak any color we offer. This makes us truly a custom manufacturer.

4.)    We have over 50 years experience manufacturing these types of products, with 30 years in the Chicago market and across the continental US.

5.)    The owner personally fabricated over 40,000 units installing different aspects of our product in 23 states. He is a “hands on” owner.

6.)    We offer LED lighting to our tables and backsplashes as well as images imbedded into the entire thickness of our products at an affordable price.

7.)    The cost of Sedonite Stone by Virtuous Products is 10-40% less than our competitors’ prices.

8.)    Virtuous Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in beautiful East Tennessee.



Nitelite Game Table quartz recyced glass furniture made in the USA
quartz bathroom vanity with LED Lights
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