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Covid has caused our company to look for ways to help the consumer feel it's safe to dine out, stay at a hotel, use public transportation, allow their kids to go back to school or play at the playground amongst other activities again. Molecular Defense Shield (MD Shielding) will bring the reassurance that the consumer needs to socialize in public once again. 

We also offer MD Shielding for our countertops and bathroom vanities in addition to our table tops.

Places to use MD Shielding

*Residential          *Schools

*Hospitals             *Hotels

*Airports               *Restaurants

*Public                  *Public

Infrastructure         Transportation

*Offices                 *Shopping Centers

Covid 19

Benefits to MD Shield

*Manufactured in the USA

*Non-Toxic solvent free and ISO certified

*Breaks down airborne pollutants

*Improves air quality in dense urban environments

*Reduces Odor

*Can be applied towards LEED credits for air quality

*Creates a hydrophilic, self cleaning surface

*Interior/exterior application

*Reacts with visible and UV light

*Triggered by light energy, organic compounds decompose on a molecular level

*Shielding ideal for air filtration units

*Creates a super hydrophilic surface allowing water to wash away contaminants

*Reduces need for building cleaning and maintenance

*Mold and Fungus prevention on building facades

*Break down allergens

*Decompose endotoxins

*Increase sanitation

*Remove cigarette/cigar smoke from indoor fabrics

*Break down mold and fungus in the air

*Decomposes over 60 types Volatile Organic Compounds

*Prevents respiratory issues 

*Safe for the environment and for human contact

*Water based solution

*Increase durability of all materials

*Provide stain free surfaces

*Increases PV efficiency & decrease maintenance

*Saves water by breaking down dirt and making surfaces "Self-Clean"

*Durable, last for 8-12 years once applied

*Active ingredient is FDA approved food pigment

*Each 142.8 sq. ft. of our photocatalytic shield applied to a surface has the same photocatalytic power as a single full grown leaved tree.

*Breaks down VOCs, METHANE, BTEX, bacteria, NOx and other airborne pollutants on contact

*Food Safe 

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